Good fences really do make good neighbors! Not just in less rogue balls wandering between fields, but in bringing together our handy NEBR Volunteers. A HUGE thank you to the individuals & businesses who came out to help pour the concrete mow strips of the new fences at Maxwell Fields on February 21st. This improvement is another step towards making the NEBR practice fields all functional, safe, and a place our boys can be proud to play ball.

Marc Rocha, Ethan Hibler, Brandon Gehlhaar, Wally Jensen, Dave Donahue, Jake Tait, we appreciate your hard work! THANK YOU!

And a SECOND huge thank you to Hatton Concrete Products for donating the concrete forming materials, and to Nation’s Mini-Mix Inc. for donating half of the concrete we needed to complete this project! The NEBR families appreciate your support of our program!

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