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Q: What is T-ball?

A: According to the Cal Ripkin division of Babe Ruth Baseball, young athletes hit the ball from a batting tee which is height-adjusted for a level swing, batting in order through the line-up for the entire game. Willamette Valley Babe Ruth T-ball team sizes are between 10 and 16 players, and all players on the roster will get to bat. The primary goal of T-ball is to begin to instruct young players in the fundamentals of baseball in a supportive team environment.

Q: When does the NEBR T-ball season start?

A: NEBR’s calendar aligns with our parent Charter, Willamette Valley Babe Ruth. While exact start dates are still to be determined, WVBR’s season is scheduled to start as soon as April 26th.

Q: How long is the NEBR T-ball season?

A: A typical NEBR season lasts 6 to 8 weeks.

Q: At what age can kids play T-ball with NEBR?

A: North Eugene families with a kiddo who will be at least 4-years-old in the months of May, June, or August, can play T-ball with us. Click here to register!

Q: Does my T-ball player need to be evaluated to join NEBR?

A: No, all children aged 4 to 7 are eligible to play T-ball with us. Evaluations are only for children aged 7 and older.

Note: 6-year-olds are eligible to try out for a Rookie team, should the family/player wish. A spot on a Rookie team is not guaranteed.

Q: Why choose NEBR?

A: Our parent charter, Willamette Valley Babe Ruth, is aligned with local area high school baseball programs, and playing with NEBR means your child will likely be teamed up with kids they’ll someday play sports with at North Eugene High School. NEBR also:

    • Has a separate T-ball field from our 60′ and 70′ practice fields, meaning more field time for T-ballers
    • Has their own T-ball, 60′, and 70′ fields for practice and games separate from the 4J and Bethel school districts, meaning flexibility for our teams
    • Is lead by NEBR parents and family members, which builds a stronger community for our area youth
    • Has access to the Ted Norman Memorial Baseball Complex for games and playoffs

Q: Who coaches T-ball for NEBR?

A: All NEBR coaches, from T-ball through the Preps teams, are volunteers from the North Eugene community. Each team typically has 1 head coach, 1 to 3 assistant coaches, and a Team Parent. All volunteers must pass a background check, and complete Concussion and Abuse Prevention training. Your child’s safety is our priority!

Q: What gear will a T-baller need to play?

A: T-ball players will receive a uniform (hat, pants, shirt) which is paid for out of the season fees. Players will need to have their own T-ball bat (marked for T-ball use), batting helmet, and glove for all practices and games.

Q: How are team schedules and communications managed?

A: NEBR utilizes TeamSnap, which has both an online login, and a mobile app, that families can access for information throughout the season. General information will be posted on this website, and on our Facebook page, but team-specific communications should all come from your team leaders via TeamSnap or email.

Q: How much are T-ball players fees?

A: 2024 T-ball fees are $110. This fee covers the cost of the uniform (hat, pants, shirt), practice jersey, maintenance of NEBR T-ball fields, and T-ball practice balls.

Q: When do we pay our player(s) fees?

A: Once players are placed on a team, invoices will be emailed to parents. All fees must be paid within 1 week of being assigned to a team/rostered in TeamSnap.

Q: How do we pay our player(s) fees?

A: Invoices can be easily & securely paid online, through TeamSnap:

    1. Families paying online can split fees into two payments if desired (the 2nd payment will be charged to your card automatically, 1 month after initial payment)
    2. Families paying online can choose to purchase Registration Fee Insurance from a 3rd party at the time of registration
    3. Please note, invoices paid online will incur a small processing fee by TeamSnap

Invoices can also be paid with cash and checks to avoid extra fees, should families wish. Email us at to make arrangements.

Ready to join a great community of baseball families, and have some fun? Have other questions for the NEBR board? Register your player, or email us and someone will get back to you ASAP!

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