Who else is ready for this season to start?!To kick things off, here are FAQs based on last year’s meeting:

Q: What are key things to know about player evaluations?

  1. Tee Ball kids do not need to be evaluated
  2. Any 6 y.o. who is interested in playing on a Rookie team must be evaluated, exceptions will be made on a case by case basis
  3. Evaluations dates are scheduled for:
    • Saturday, Feb 12th
      • 6-10 year olds: 9-10:45am (All kids born on or after May 1st 2011)
      • 11-14 year olds: 11am-1pm (All kids born on or before April 30th 2011)
    • Sunday, Feb 13th: Encouraged, but not mandatory, all ages 11am-12:30pm
  4. Evaluation location: North Eugene High School Softball facilities
  5. Evaluation parking: Please park in the main NEHS parking lot. Do not park in the lot back by the softball facilities.
  6. Players should dress in athletic or baseball attire, including baseball hat. Non-cleat athletic shoes are required, as we’ll be on turf. Bring glove, bat, helmet, warm clothes, and water bottle
  7. Annual Gear Swap session: bring any old gear, clothing, cleats, etc you’d like to share. Please only bring equipment in decent condition.  All left overs will go to the Salvation Army. This equipment will not be sanitized, and families assume all risk associated with swapping

Q: How does the team selection process work? How big will teams be?

  1. 1st priority is keeping your kids safe. If we feel the health/safety of your child would be in jeopardy by playing with his/her age/grade level peers, a spot on a team will not be offered
  2. 1st and 2nd priorities are baseball age and skill level, 3rd priority is grade level. We will do our best to keep kids playing with grade level peers so long as their skill matches their peers
  3. Our target team size is 12 kids per team, but we can field as many as 15 per WVBR charter guidelines. We would prefer to stay close to 12 in order to maximize playing time during games.  Tee Ball teams may carry more than 15 players
  4. We always have “bubble players” who’s skill is between 2 teams. Placement will generally then be determined based on team size
  5. Our goal is to not release any players, especially 5-9 yo’s. Below average skill level (especially if there’s a safety concern) and excessive numbers at a particular age group may necessitate letting players enter WVBR’s “pool”, or we may encourage an alternate league, such as Little League or Kidsports
  6. There may be some kids from outside of the NE area being evaluated as pool players, who have been released by their home area. These “out of district” players will only be offered a roster spot if we have a spot available at their age/skill level. Priority will always go to players local to the North Eugene area, so long as evaluators feel like their skill level does not pose a threat to their own safety, or the safety of others
  7. Roster assignments will be made immediately after evaluations on 2/13, and players will be contacted by either the NEBR Board, or their assigned coach, the week following evaluations

Q: Uniform fitting night is still TBD. How/when will we pay players fees if there’s no uniform fitting night due to COVID restrictions?

  1. We will schedule an evening or 2 late February/early March for families to pay team fees by cash or check if desired, and pick up raffle tickets. For those who choose to pay by credit card, you do not need to attend in person, and can pick up raffle tickets during the first week of practice
  2. Once team assignments are made, electronic invoices will be sent through Team Snap. Fees include $50 prepayment for raffle tickets.  Players keep the $$ once raffle tickets are sold, but stubs need to be turned in by March 28thth to be entered into the Raffle drawing. Tee Ball players participation in the raffle ticket sales is optional and Tee Ball player fees do not include raffle tickets (although tickets can be requested if desired)
  3. Invoices can be paid electronically by credit or debit card. Payments made electronically will have the option of delaying half the fee for 1 month via auto payment.  If payment is made in cash, exact cash is appreciated
    1. Fees: Tee Ball: $110
      • Rookies: $255
      • AA: $275
      • AAA: $285
      • Majors: $310
      • Preps: $325
  4. Details on this year’s WVBR Raffle will be shared as soon as they’re available

Q: When will the season start and end?

  1. Tee Ball season does not start at the same time as the rest of the league. Their start is still being determined. Likely start dates are the end of April, or beginning of May. The date of tee ball’s first practices will be up to the coaches.
  2. Opening ceremonies, kicking off the 2022 season will be April 9th. Coaches will likely start practices prior to that date.

Q: When will we know who our player’s coach is?

  1. This will not be announced until after evaluations
  2. We need coaches, so please apply if interested

Q: Why is TeamSnap important?

  1. TeamSnap is what we use for all team and organization management.
  2. Download the TeamSnap App if you haven’t already. Most, if not all, communication from your coach will come via the app, including practice and game schedules.
  3. You can also add multiple family members to your player’s account to keep everyone in the loop

Download the TeamSnap mobile app today!

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